About Us

ECOSTEM helps businesses, Indigenous groups, governments, agencies and non-profits and to develop, implement, evaluate, monitor and/or promote ecologically sustainable land use and management. One of the ways that we do this is by taking an ecosystem-based approach to translating science into practical information, tools, guidelines, models, evaluations, assessments and recommendations.

While we focus on geographic areas which have not been intensively developed, many of our services can be provided in almost any setting.

Over the past 24 years, ECOSTEM has completed over 120 projects for a diverse range of clients and sectors. These projects included multi-year endeavors for very large developments or conservation areas, and while working with inter-disciplinary teams and local Indigenous groups and people.

Our experience includes developing cutting edge methods for applications such as ecosystem-based approaches to environmental impact assessment, environmentally friendly timber harvesting practices, retrospective cumulative effects assessments, sustainable forest practices, ecosystem-based land use planning and a methodology for evaluating UNESCO natural World Heritage sites.

Our expertise had been recognized provincially and internationally.